Here are the 6 Advantages of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Here is a complete guide on WhatsApp Marketing, the messaging application to create corporate marketing campaigns, individual and in confidence with your customers.

Today we would like to analyze with you the phenomenon of ” WhatsApp Marketing an extraordinary system that has revolutionized communication trends, completely bypassing text messages; in the era of landing the most disparate apps for online messaging, including “ Messenger, Viber and WeChat”.

And amid such a swarm of messaging applications, marketers and companies cannot be missing who see in these, a new possible way of connecting with their customers.

According to a statistic from the past year, in April 2020 there were over one billion monthly active users on WhatsApp, with a weight increase of about 8 times compared to 5 years earlier these numbers suggest the massive number of successful campaigns so far.

But let’s get straight to the possible interactions on WhatsApp, which can be grouped into 3 main categories:

  • Personal
  • Group chat
  • Transmission lists

Personal interaction

The method of personal interaction takes too long for big brands and therefore is not excessively scalable. However, if you have the resources, it can be effective for personal sales or customer service.

Group chat

In the group chat, all messages are shared with all group members, including the full list of participants. Since each can see the other’s responses, it isn’t used much for marketing purposes, although some companies have been successful using it as a digital focus group tool.

Transmission lists

The transmission lists, finally, send the same message to everyone, but each member of the list does not see if anyone else has received the same message or any answers. This is the most common scalable marketing use case done through WhatsApp.

The 6 advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

  1. Cost-free and algorithm-free: Compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in which all implementation algorithms significantly limit the organic reach, on WhatsApp marketing, on the other hand, you have the possibility of being able to increase your contact list, sending messages completely free.
  2. Alert messages: WhatsApp tells your customers when you have sent them a message via push notification.
  3. Your message: On average, has a 70% chance of being opened, often after a few minutes, far outstripping email marketing.
  4. Scalable but private conversations: you can have direct and private contact with your customer.
  5. An environment free of competition: Right now, WhatsApp offers a quieter alternative to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; allowing you to gain visibility in environments with little competition.
  6. Extremely Loyal Subscribers: Outsouts are very low on WhatsApp, while conversions are some of the best you can see in any social channel with a well-executed strategy.

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